Heels have always been synonymous with femininity

Sometimes shoes are not just an accessory, they can turn into a real artwork to admire, especially if characterized by carefully designed details that make a model like many others, a piece unique of its kind.

Now we are showing you a pair of shoes where the care of their form is in the foreground, bringing out the character, giving it an identity, an unusual design, which gives elegance and class, express of a refined style.

The shoes are crafted from ecru canvas and nappa leather, characterized by metal and leather accessories, forming a geometric composition, blending of turquoise details, color reminiscent of water and brown details of the earth. A perfect combination of two natural elements, in contrast to the modern style of the bright uppers used as texture.

To enrich the shoes, there is a sculpture heels with gold tone inserts. They are versatile and therefore suitable for both an outfit elegant, do not overdo it with the shades but using the main colors, which to a casual with jeans, of course, depends on how you are most comfortable with.

So our Roberta Cenci designer, it always amazes us, being able to identify the shapes that make the difference, we just have to create the look that we like, taking inspiration from this model of shoes.