Behind every brand there is a story and, behind Roberta Cenci, there is really Roberta Cenci, with its history and its experience, the experience of a woman who turned the dream into a passion and passion into a job.


“Drawing since I was a child, always a sheet of paper and a pencil in his hand to turn handle my thoughts and my emotions. I realized that this was what I wanted to be great and I struggled to impose my ideas and my inspirations.”

She learned from the great Salvatore Deodato, and with immense gratitude she then continued his career as a designer in FILA sport.
Then the family and her children, with whom he loves to draw and share everything. A woman chasing their dreams, knows transmit and for this Roberta gets back into the game, fearless and courageous decides that his name will be his trademark. Born the first creations, shoes that represent a very specific vision of femininity, one devoid orientation by trends and mass produced, but in any case open to research and development.

This is Roberta Cenci, tradition and ingrained wisdom that meet a timeless style. The creations are jewels, created entirely of manufacturing expert hands of Italian craftsmen.
Every part that constitutes the final product comes from a meticulous selection of materials, from leather accessories using only national excellence, which is why the brand is certified 100% Made in Italy .