Now, the time has come to look into the overall Spring Summer 2018 fashion trends: What will you wear?

Fashion tips of all time… are shoes every fashionable woman should have in her closet: Pumps! We know that there is a profound relationship between a woman and her shoes.

This new season focus is on the pumps, a wardrobe must-have and friends for many outfit.
Feminine… Chic… Elegant .. are an accessory that you have to necessity have.

Fashion evergreen, pumps are a staple in women’s shoes but you will be surprised by knowing their history. Did you know they were orginally worn by men?
Pumps were born at the beginning of the sixteenth century as part of the uniform of the infantry.
Only after the next century, women also began to wear this strange model of shoes, which it acts as shoes for walking in place of slippers and laced boots.
As time goes by, pumps established themselves as purely female shoes, with heels, bows and buckles, to become towards the 800 one of the classic shoes for Women.

During the 30s of the last century, between prohibition and the jazz age, pumps were characterized by high heels, in the ’50s by “stiletto” heels.
At that time Chanel and Raymond Massaro, in a provocative way, launched a pumps with low heel. A trend line that would have had its peak in the 80s and 90s. With the increase of working women, designers such as Ferragamo and Vivier have satisfied the need for a stylish and comfortable shoes.

Back to 2018…a wardrobe must-have will be the pointed toe pump with a daring elegance.
Even the most timid and monochrome, will be converted to the color, the unique and innovative style of Pumps Roberta Cenci