Roberta Cenci is a strong brand, the design and the choice of high quality materials represent one of the main stages of the creation of each model. His is a particular style, which finds harmony in a noir romantic soul. It is expressed by the combination of colors, leather and jewelery, which represent the precious and elegant distinctive.

The goal is to create footwear that reflects a woman in his image: energetic, stubborn, versatile, able to be equally relaxed in the various moments of the day, without giving up their femininity.
The Roberta Cenci shoes are made to last and to live the time and everyday life by winning the season fashions.


The project involves a historical footwear craftsmen team excited to realize the beautiful and features creations of Roberta. Meticulousness and passion is the key for positioning every element, every detail, every stitch with extreme detail,  for creating precious model. Thanks to these strong partnerships, each order can be managed with the guarantee of a high quality standard.