Belives in design culture as a driving force for creativity

The fashion weeks were a major opportunity for promoting those areas where tradition meets contemporary world and reinterprets it, where fashion is both culture and business. Roberta said…

What kind of market research Should emerging designers conduct before starting Their brand?

Most of all, get to know your customer. Where does he or she live? What do they do? What is Their lifestyle? What are Their spending habits and what are Their other interests? The more you can understand about the way they live and work, the more you will be Able to create products That fit into Their Lives.

Do you think That besides womenswear and accessories there are interesting niches designers Should focus on?

There are lots of customers who do not fit into the mainstream of fashion. For example, plus-sized fashion brands are growing rapidly, as they tap into an underserved market segment.

How does one choose the most suitable manufacture?

First of all, it’s necessary to examine the characteristics of a manufacturing platform, looking at the project that a company has worked on, or in which it is still involved. The manufacturer must have a sound empathy towards the idea itself

How much does it cost to start production?

It all depends on the type of collection and the single garments to be produced. A first collection is usually very expensive, since all the paper patterns have to be created from scratch…

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