Gothic fashion developed its own language, inspired by nineteenth century stories creating a form of beauty form death and the dark side of life. Its considered more than just subculture – it’s a state of mind that references an obsession with darkness. “it remains a visual shortcut through which young persons of a certain damp emotional climate can broadcast to the other members of their tribe who they are. Goth is a look that simultaneously expresses and cures its own sense of alienation” writes V. Steele in Gothic: Dark Glamour.

The gothic girl, while edgy and dark, has always been depicted as alternative, cool and mysterious and she knows her own mind. Behind there are a number of ancient and modern influences that combine to create the most ambitious mythological journey.

In this way, the goth touch of roberta to be integrate into high street fashion, who used erotic, mistic imagery in their designs. Roberta created goth experimentations with the skull and faun for new collection…ready to discover?

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