In matters of fashion eye wants its part too…

Surely becomes priorities create visual stimuli, using the best business card in terms of fashion and magically dazzling possible buyers!

Louis Vuitton has made his idea like fundamental principle, bringing fantastic universes directly in the windows of its 465 boutiques around the world!

Real works of art…golden dinosaurs, giant ostriches, clocks, old cars on a background dominated entirely by gold tone and the most intense colors, all designed to reflect the elegance and luxury of the innate high fashion french house!

A theater scenography that could not fail to inspire the publishing house Assouline, which devotes to it a coffee table book “Louis Vuitton Windows”: 168 pages of pure creativity that have enhanced the most of the bold spirit of the company leading the reader to an amazement to say the least boyish!

And now let your self in this parallel universe signed Louis Vuitton.

Louis-Vuitton-Ostrich-Windows-Bond-Street LV_11-03-31_Vitrines-Protos_01 lv1 p1100304