Is there something more rock than leather and studs’ combination?

Since was born, this style has remained over time in new interpretations, with details and new forms or take back from the past.

Our designers Roberta Cenci gave a rock touch to this beautiful sandal thinking of an elegant shoe but strong taste a bit as the woman who wears it…because that’s incredible in this 2016 fashion wants the “woman warrior” or aggressive women, rebels and outside the rules, a woman who prefers the black but not only! In fact, this sandal is out of the ordinary perfect for an aggressive but contemporary look.

Roberta Cenci has created a sandal suitable for any type of occasion, the soft black nappa leather contrasted with golden spurs also make it ideal for an evening a bit out of the line while the Swarovski chain allows us to wear it in a more elegant situation. So a shoe suitable to all kinds of situations despite its strong taste…a must have for the upcoming season!

Let’s rock baby!