Are you maniac of shoes? You’re in the right place! Name of the game is to dare!

Here’s an example for you really cool, of a trend which has been successful…we find them everywhere, we see them all over, it’s impossible not to notice them and not to be fascinated: the studs…historic symbol of punk rock ’70s to bring in our days, thanks to lady Westwood with her husband, they are not a simple decoration; rather than a way of life!
And here they are, studs sewn on even open sandals, to give us a very strong tone!
Feel elegant with a dynamic and decided touch …starting today he is able; thanks to this particular match , mini strass, studs on black background and leather…charm shoes to match with anything that will make you feel absolutely unique but mostly out of line…let yourselves be enthralled by this sparkling style sparkling and never out of fashion!